Day 2

I suppose I'll get it right out front that I'm unsettled on the title of this blog and therefore it's subject to change. One consistent thing is that it will come out of a line from a hip-hop song, probably by Public Enemy. The first one, "...I got soul to voice my opinion with volume" came from Rebel Without A Pause. Since that's my all-time favorite PE song (makes me wonder where it is overall), I figured the title should come from there. It didn't really work, though, because it doesn't stick with the way it appears in the song. Really, the line is, "Playin' the role I got soul to(o)/ voice my opinion with volume." I didn't like the "playin' the role" part, though. So after listening to some PE stuff, I moved to the next song, "Prophets of Rage," and lucked up on "stereo (stereo) describes my scenario/left or right/black or white..." That's probably a more accurate reflection of my politics and whatnot, which I will probably spend some time discussing at length, so I figured that was the quote to go with. Maybe I will have a PE quote of the day or something. I know I should find a way to get some James Brown in there too. As soon as I get this thing figured out, it's gonna be good.