I'm A Sucker For

• Funky records • Hagler v. Hearns (one January I was in the 5th of a 6 mile run, when an electronics store had its display television playing this fight in the window. I stood there and watched the whle thing and caught a cold that lasted 5 weeks.) • Redbones (for the uninitiated, that's a light-skinned Black woman. Usually, the reddish undertones of their complexions sow through, hence the term.) Preferrably with that willowy mermaid build, like 'Scotch. • Women with natural hair, especially afros and cornrows w/just a peek of scalp • Used book & record stores • Gel pens, specifically the Pilot P700. I like to sketch with pens and that's just the best one out there, bar none. Every time I see a .7 mm pen, I try it out, but there's nothing out there that's in the league of the P700. • A crossover followed by a dunk (like KG did Wednesday night.) • Football (my mom has the NFL network ad I have watched it every day this week.) • Madden • Great MCs. • Organists who know how to make a B3 talk. • One-punch knockouts. Yeah, Roy got caught, but rmember, when he won the light-heavyweight title way back when he did it on a one-punch body blow . I had never heard of such a thing then and don't think I ever will again.