It's That Y Chromosome

Line of the day: "Young girls thick, righteousness is narrow" - Common Not to sound politically incorrect or whatever, but I don't see how gay guys can do it. Man, women are amazing! I've been just sitting around different places on campus writing, and it's like, every time I lift my eyes from the screen, I'm just like...wow. How them dudes can look around all these gorgeous women and think that being with some ole ashy-kneed dude is where it's at...no matter what calculator I use, that just don't add up. I'm the first one looking at bodies and everything, but it's really amazing to think about the diversity there is within the human body. Pick a part. No two are alike -- and that's just on the same person. It's like, they're all alike, but they're not the same. Just looking at that makes you think about how infinite God's intelligence is. Not only are there unlimited variations on the appearance of body parts, there are also unlimited variations of opinion on what's good. There's something for everybody-- on purpose. Wow.