Missing the boat

It's all coming into such clear focus now. I've long believed that some brothers and sisters can't see past the rhetoric to recognize whats really going on. Now I have proof. If you go to some sites "of interest to the Af Am. community," they're quick to dismiss Dr. Condoleeza Rice as a lackey for the Bush administration who has no interest in the betterment of the Black community. WRONG! First, look at Crispus' post, Condi's Secret Agenda. Then consider this, which I got from espn.com: When Condoleeza Rice was at Stanford, she was instrumental in the hiring of two of the most successful Black Division 1A college football coaches ever, Dennis Green and Tyrone Willingham. Seems to me that if there were more Condoleeza Rices around, all those silly lawsuits trying to get Black folks hired as pro coaches would be unnecessary. Read the article to look at her overall talent assessment of some big-name coaches who interviewed at Stanford when she was on the panel, but this just goes to show that giving a brother a chance doesn't have to mean sacrificing quality. I will say that I'd rather see Dr. Rice running for President in 2008 than running the NFL, although either would be nice. (Picture Hillary's name even coming up in a discussion about running the League.)