Just For Fun

This is a little pop culture quiz I made up at my job last year. Most of these are things you could know if you paid attention, but some are pretty obscure. Enjoy. In what city does "That's My Mama" take place? a. Oakland b. New York c. Washington, DC d. Los Angeles On what movie is "What's Happenin'" Based? What sitcom actor wrote a hit song for the Jackson 5? a. Mike Evans b. Fred Berry c. Hal Williams d. Clifton Davis Who painted the artwork on Good Times? What was Laurence Fishburne's first movie? Who was Cleopatra Jones? Who was Carmen Jones? In "Friday," what was Craig's last name? The title of "A Raisin In the Sun" is taken from a poem by what author? Who wrote "Go Tell It On The Mountain?" What was the name of Alex Haley's first American-born ancestor? Who recorded "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised?" Who invented the gas mask? Who was the first Black regular on Saturday Night Live? How much did Miss Mary Mack pay to see the elephant jump the fence? When did Aunt Jemima get her perm? What's on the wall in the kitchen in every hood? On what TV show did the character "Benson" first appear? On Good Times, who played Penny's abusive mother? Which Temptation died a crack addict? What is the common theme on all Ohio Players album covers? *bonus—What is the theme on all the Westbound Records album covers? Who was the first Black woman in space? Who discovered blood plasma? What's Muhammad Ali's given name? What's Tina Turner's given name? What's Whoopi Goldberg's given name? What jazz artist is credited with first calling people "cats?" What kind of flower did Billie Holiday wear in her hair? What was Greg Nice's favorite cartoon? What's the name of Jimi Hendrix's recording studio? Name a fast food chain that was started by a Black man. What sport did Arthur Ashe play? True or false: Joe Louis got that name fighting under that name in a boxing tournament. The net weight of a 40 oz is _____lbs ____oz. Who made the famous "Chickens Come Home To Roost" speech? True or False: There is such a place as Soul City, South Carolina