Prescription Drugs

The prescription drug industry is a racket. I thought that was the case before, but now that I actually need prescription medicine, I know it for sure. I'm diabetic. I take insulin. On my way up to Philly to see my mom, I guess I dropped my insulin pen, maybe on the Metro, maybe on Amtrak. I don't know. What I do know is that when I got here, I didn't have it. So to use the junkie term, I'm ass out. Fortunately, I had a prescription in my pocket. Only thing is, my doctor in MD wrote the 'scrip for vials of insulin, instead of the form I take, which is the pen. Well fool me, I figured I might be able to just tell the people in the pharmacy I wanted it in the pen and that would be cool. No go. So I tried calling the doctor. Closed on Fridays. (what?!) "If this is a medical emergency—call 911." What?! Okay, so I went to a hospital, thinking that one of the doctors in the endocrinology department might be able to take my vial prescription and switch me out for the pen. No haps. They're like, since none of the doctors sees me, they couldn't document a reason for writing me a prescription. Now I'm at my old doctor, hoping I can get some help from here. Now, of course it's on me that I didn't keep up with my pen like I should have, but somehow it seems to me that certain medications are overregulated. Insulin is not addictive, it doesn’t have any euphoric effects, nothing. What's more, it's not an optional medication. I need that stuff, as does anybody else who takes it. My beef with the insurance companies is on two levels: first, when the medication is life-sustaining, why do people have to get new prescriptions? Diabetes doesn't just go away, and if a person needs less, they'll let their doctor know. I've heard that some people may abuse it, but I don’t see how. I don't know what benefit a non-diabetic can get from it. But second, I don't think there's really any incentive for the insurance companies to develop a cure to diabetes. This type of thinking is atypically cynical for me, but I'm fairly convinced. There's much more money to be made by having people continuously on insulin than by creating something that would get the pancreas working again.