Back In The House

My vacation stunk. Mostly. There were a couple moments that were pretty good, but those incidents were just outliers. If it's possible to have a vacation worse than that one, I don't want to know about it. That piece about Stevie Wonder's As is still forthcoming, although the former Butterscotch (I'm takin' back my name)really spoiled my appetite for the song. Ray Charles died too. I don't usually get too upset when celebrities die. To put it a little more accurately, I usually don't care. I "voted" for Reagan in the "elections" we had in 1st and 5th grade classes, but don't think I was pressed about his passing last week. Ray Charles, on the other hand, that kind of got to me. Being into music as much as I am, and knowing the impact that he had on my favorite artists and athletes (Sugar Ray Leonard was named after him), that hits a little more locally. Even at that, I wasn't all down in the mouth about it, I was just surprised and saddened. The only celebrity whose death really had me down in the dumps was Bobby Phills, who was the shooting guard for the Charlotte Hornets. I was down in the mouth for, like, three days after that. And really, I still don't understand why. I didn't like Charlotte, and I barely knew who he was; I sometimes traded for him on NBA Live '98, but that was about it. Then I woke up and went to watch Sports Center while I was eating my Super Golden Crisp (I wasn't diabetic back then) and they led off with that story. It was strange. Anyway, all those projects I announced last week will see completion this week.