Ladies Night

Walter Williams mentioned this in the context of a larger argument about price controls, but I'm sticking to the ladies night angle. I meant to write about this a couple weeks ago when I saw it on the OkayPlayer message board. How's a dude gonna sue because women get in free on ladies night? What, does he want to go to a club with all dudes or something? Men will pay to go where women are, but to draw women you need something cheap or free. If it didn't work like that, ladies nights would never have become as common as they have. I thought that was common knowledge, though. I even used it when I had to get student volunteers for a research project I was doing last semester. I told my partners to concentrate on getting girls. If you get the girls, the dudes will come. A part of me thinks the dude's problem is that he wasn't getting any action. If that's the case, then he should try to meet women at the library or at the grocery store, where there is no cover charge. Don't hate. Haterade makes your breath stink. big up to Booker Rising for reminding me about this.