Yeah, I'm a Hypocrite

I know I always talk about people watching TV and all that, but right now, I cannot stop watching Car Wash. (I guess that's why I done watched it 150-200 times already.) Now I'm watching for all the details and trying to formulate some life lessons out of it. Knowing me, I'm probably gonna wind up writing something very long about that movie. Car Wash. Man. And I put this on the downlow in one of the comments somewhere, but I'm brave enough to say it out loud. That hooker...she was kinda cute. When she was writing her name on the mirror in lipstick, I was thinking...Hippo might have been stupid, but he wasn't blind. (Even though it was probably the wig and the eyelashes.) Mona was the one, though. The intro shot of her walking across the street in that short waitress skirt, with the breeze lifting it ever so slightly... man! I've already said I'm a sucker for redbones and Mona was the truth. I knew that much when I was two. Although a little later, I kept thinking that she was the woman on the cover of the Ohio Players album, Honey. Actually, I was wishing that was her. Not only am I watching Car Wash, like, 3 times a day, I'm about to start watching House Party too. I'll probably break that one down at some point. House Party was tight. Robin Harris made the picture, though. It was funny and all that, but what kept it from being another one of those average teen pictures was the presence of a hard-working, no-nonsense parent. Kinda like if James Evans was the single parent of a son.