Melle Mel's MC Ratings

This is from an interview with Melle Mel. Kool Moe Dee rated him the greatest MC of all time in the book, There's A God On The Mic. At first I kind of disagreed, but then taking everything into consideration...I really can't argue with it. From my first post, I've been mentioning really breaking that stuff down, and as I approach # 200, I may honestly start some systematic breakdown. Or else, maybe that will be my inaugural address when I finally pack up and move. At any rate, these are Melle Mel's ratings for some well-known (and maybe not-so-well-known, for you non-hip-hoppers) MCs. This is on a scale of one to ten. Caz - 10 Rakim - 9 T La Rock - 7 Moe Dee - 10 LL Cool J - 7 Lil Rodney C - 6 Nas - 8 Kid Creole - 10 ( Im probably biased 'cuz he is my brother ; but he is a dime to me ) Rahiem - 10 Scorpio - 8 Cowboy - 10 Run - 7 Chuck D - 8 DLB (Fearless 4)- 7 Busy Bee - 5 (laughs....thats my Nigga , I Love him to death - he just wasnt lyrical ) Jay Z - 9 Ice Cube - 9.5 Ice T - 8 G.L.O.B.E - 8 Big Daddy Kane - 9 Kool G Rap - 11 (not a typo - eleven) Mc Shan - 8 KRSOne - 8 Biggie - 10 Tupac - 9 Guru - 8 Just looking at it, the first thing that jumps out at me is Kool G Rap's 11. Now, I'll be the first one to say that G-Rap is probably the most underrated MC of all time, but 11? With Rakim as 9? Definitely warrants further review. The evals on the other members of the Furious 5 are suspect. I dismiss those out of hand. Biggie > Kane, Rakim, KRS? Tupac = Kane Rakim? Tupac > KRS?!, Chuck D? Biggie > Ice Cube > Tupac... probably about right...although Jheri Curl Cube v. Biggie...Once Upon A Time In The Projects vs. Niggas Bleed... the very thought makes my mouth water.