"Surprise, you wonder where I been, I've been workin" - Erick Sermon My cousin's birthday was yesterday. I've been putting together pool tables and foosball tables and air hockey tables and quick-shoot basketball games for two days. Not that I'm hating, but when I got done, it looked like my Christmas/birthday list from when I was 12. ... I hate it when people lie to me or talk to me like they think I'm some type of fool. Especially people who are younger than me and don't stop to think that I've probably done everything they've done and some more besides. I quote James on 'em: "I'm 3*7 and then some mo'." I'm like, come on, cuz, this stuff you think you're pioneering, I was doing it better than you 10 years ago. Cease and desist with the lies and alabis. ... Once again, I've missed a whole lot of good blogging this week. I doubt I'll have anything substantial tomorrow, but when I get back home, probably Tuesday or Wednesday, expect some fire.