Six Pounds, Though?

I umm...knew some people who used to chief, but six pounds? For medicinal purposes?! Now this is a case where the article seems to contradict itself and the headline is actualy misleading. Here's the lead paragraph:
PORTLAND, Ore. — An Oregon ballot measure expected to qualify this week would make it legal for medical marijuana (search) users to possess one pound of pot, create state dispensaries and allow nurse practitioners and naturopaths (search) to prescribe it.
Then in the next paragraph, it talks about how a patient could legally possess six pounds. I imagine that one pound would be for the patient's use and the rest is for some other purpose, and that the average user probably wouldn't have any reason to hold the other 5 pounds (one pound is still a lot.). It doesn't say any of that in the article, though. This is why I don't go by mass media outlets of any political bent. It's purely for entertainment purposes. There's no in-depth treatment of a subject, it's all about saying something to get the viewer's attention and then providing some flimsy pretense for dispensing opinion. Sorta like this post.