Ain't Havin' It, Either

6 People Beat Up Alleged Peeping Tom
NORTH ROYALTON, Ohio -- An alleged peeping Tom is in the intensive care unit after reportedly being assaulted with a tree branch, NewsChannel5 reported. Officials said Mario Russo, 44, was attacked after he was spotted outside a bedroom window wearing his pants around his ankles and watching a 5-year-old girl who was sleeping outside the Bunkeridge Apartments. Russo was reportedly hiding in bushes. Police said after he was discovered a group of six people, include the girl’s mother, aunt and their boyfriends attacked him and brutally beat him for more than an hour.
I'm ambivalent about this one. I've got a 5 year-old daughter, and I know if I caught some fool with his pants around his ankles watching her, there would be trouble. That's grounds for a two-piece with a biscuit. I don't have the patience to beat somebody for an hour. Once I've knocked him out, either I'm gonna call the police or I'm going to jail. If it were just the beating, I wouldn't have too much of a problem with this. However, they did more than beat him. They sodomized him with a tree branch. That's a little extra.