Kool G. Rap Appreciation Post

I quoted him earlier this week, and I mentioned him as the most underrated MC of all time last week, so I guess it's time for me to give some shine to the Kool Genius of Rap. G Rap is an MC's MC. Not a name that a casual rap fan would know, certainly not the average anti-hip-hop pundit would be able to call. MTV hip-hop fans wouldn't know him either. But ask somebody who knows hip-hop. They'll tell you. G Rap was that man. Coming at the same time as Kane and Rakim, along with his lisp makes G Rap like the Joe Frazier of MCs. You know he was good, but you don't really appreciate how good he was because he was in there at the same time as the greatest ever. Like I said about Ice Cube last week, though, whoever the top 5 is, G Rap would give any of them fits. In fact, if there were a 64-man MC tournament, I can easily see G Rap making it to the Final Four, if not the finals. And don't sleep, if there was anybody that could see Rakim for the title, Kool G Rap was him. One thing about G, he was one of the main East Coast MCs kicking that gangsta/hustler rap in the early 90's. The difference between him and most of the other cats that did it then, and the suckers that do it now, G Rap had skills. Pull out your old English book and look up poetic elements and listen to a G Rap record. He pulled out all the techniques. Polysyllabic, mobile rhymes (at the front, middle, and end of lines), complex rhyme patterns, clever punchlines, extended metaphors, assonance, crisp detail in his stories...that's probably why he didn't sell that many records. You have to actually pay attention to Kool G. My favorite song by G Rap is probably Ill Street Blues, the story of a mob hitman. The first few bars set the scene...
I'm right in front of my front steps thinking of a plan Looking like Raggedy Ann no dough in hand kicking a can Thinking of a plot to pull some bank in Because I'm dead and stinking Soles on my shoes winking t shirt is shrinking
How broke is he? The t-shirt is getting smaller even as he wears it. Ill Street is not a song I would point out as having any redeeming social values, but there are two factors at play here: 1. I just like it. It wasn't until about 1995 that I started really caring about what a MC was talking about, and this came out well before that. Therefore, I have only positive feelings about this song, because... 2. Kool G Rap was a true MC. If he had kicked the same story using a-b-c rhymes and elementary techniques I never would have liked the song in the first place. It's not what you say, it's how you say it. G Rap said it well. I'll roll out with two verses from the song that I think best displays G Rap's dexterity, Poison. Again, watch the rhyme patterns in the first verse and the extended metaphor in the second.
This is poison so be alert and cautious Those who act courageous you will get nauseous Infected or contaminated Turn on your stereo and become radio-activated Deadly and fatal, poison the title My recital hits the parts that are vital So tune in the tone of beats and poems Polo's headphones becomes a skull and crossbones Pull out your Q-tips, clean out the earwax If you're still hard of hearing, I'mma scrub them with Ajax With maximum drum so behave and remember You're a slave to my sound wave Faster rhymes I mastermind I have to find A new method time after time Write a rhyme quick when I pull out my Bic pen Stick to an idea, the soundproof slick then Put it on paper cause I make you hyper Than any other rapper cause I keep my rapping riper Like cherries or some say berries Mandatory for the auditory and its glory Here's the story: rappers getting leery to hear me G speaks in a new technique of fury Domination of drums and noise and Yo yo yo Polo yo this is poison
A mind designed to find a rhyme that's right on time One step beyond and not behind the line That separates dogs from divine Take it as a caution, or a warning sign Whether antonyms, words I'm blending them Homonyms, synonyms, good like M&M's With Polo and while he's slicing I'll turn the mike's last name into Tyson My brain is like a factory constantly creating Material stitch by stitch for decoration Lyrics are fabrics, beat is the lining My passion in rhyming is fashion designing Now it gets ordered, cause people want to sport it You bought it, if you didn't then you couldn't afford it Poetry full of surprises, it's like a game show And my brain glows just like a rainbow Rappers and poets they already know it G Rap is a terror not a error and never will I stop reaching for better Whether wheels of steel or reel to reel G Rap will make you feel the real deal I usually rap hardcore and I know That y'all thinking am I somehow semi, so We yell "party" and girls and boys and Remember Kool G Rap, Doc the Butcher and Polo is poison