Movin' On Up

Come On Down! (c) Johnny Olsen, Rod Roddy, & Flavor Flav This will be my last day of using the blogger platform. As I mentioned last week...or whenever that was....*shrugs* I'm moving to my own spot. Stereo will still be there, looking quite different, but there will also be some other goodies and treats. Still debating whether I'm gonna sneak some hidden features in there, just to test the McGruff skills of certain readers, and for the novelty of having done it. Don't hurt yourself trying to look, because there may not even be anything back there. But knowing me, there will be hidden treasure troves (?) back in the cut somewhere. But there will be enough up front to keep everybody occupied. Soooo...enjoy this last day at the apartment and join me tomorrow at the housewarming in the new crib.