Knee-grow, Please!

"You must be lookin' somewhere else like Biggie Smalls' lazy eye.." - Rass Kas A while ago, I fooled around with my ambivalence towards the use of the word "nigga". It's getting out of hand now, though. I don't care what the politics or who they think they speak for, white liberals ain't got NO business throwin' hat word around like they got some claim to it. Let Dick Cheyney use that phrase and Kweisi 'nem would hafta get in line to throw rocks. And they would have a right to. What, Ted Rall and Janeane Garofolo get passes because they were talking about Condoleeza Rice and Larry Elder, respectively? Come on, hops. This is bad in for two reasons. First, it's bad because, as I said, they actually said it. But second, it's bad because they're just repeating terms they've heard from "authentic" Black voices. Who gave them the courage to spit the term "house nigga?" Where did they even hear it? From "our" so-called leaders and/or spokespeople. Even if the average serious redneck put the two words together, I'm not sure he could tell me the house nigga's counterpart. White liberals, having more contact with Black folks, know those terminologies. It's sad. What's even worse is that because they're just parroting terms they've heard, they're not even fair game to bring to the Dozens ring. I'm probably being prejudiced here, but just look at it: when Al and Jesse step up to the mic, you know that even if you don't agree with a word they say, they're gonna have those words flipping like Dominique Dawes. I haven't heard that type of game out of very many white libs. Sooooo, since they want to joint in the name-calling game, they should be prepared to be dispatched very quickly. I had some 7th graders that could've handled both of them at the same time. Read La Shawn's take on this.