Couldn't Have Made This Up On My Best Day, pt. 5

Yeah...I miscounted last time AND screwed up my own made-up title. *shakes head* Anyway.... 'How To Be Rich, N**ga' Book Targeting Hip-Hop Entrepenuers Drops Today
Gerard Spinks’ self-published book "How To Be Rich, N**ga," was released to stores today. Spinks, cousin of boxing champs Michael, Leon Spinks and Cory Spinks, said he made millions of dollars as the owner of a technology consulting business, Spinks Technologies, based in Atlanta, Georgia. Spinks said "How To Be Rich," is a “ghetto survival guide” that targets the Hip-Hop community that details how to make more money and remain self-sufficient. "We have all seen that depending upon the U.S. Government for sustenance makes no sense and simply doesn't work,” Spinks said. “I know people who legitimately lost their jobs, needed unemployment benefits to live, and were denied a claim. Black people cannot depend upon anyone else for our rise up and college kids need to be equipped to deal with outsourcing and with a very bleak job creation outlook."
Everything he said is very true, but did he really have to add 'Nigga' to the title? Is it gonna be written in SBV? I'm gonna look for it while I'm at the book store today. If it looks worthwhile, I might even cop it. But dag, though.