The Eagles

Now I know I don't want the Eagles to get Terrell Owens. If he can't take it like a man that he got traded to Baltimore, how's he gonna act on the Eagles? He'll kill that team. I mean, hey, Thrash and Pinkston are no superstars. They're probably not even starters. They know how to play and keep their mouths shut, though. And it's not even like I mind mouthy superstar players, because I don't. In the appropriate context. Pardon the cliche, but Philly really is a blue-collar town. Even AI, no matter what people may say about him, is blue-collar to the bone. He might beef with his coaches, but on the floor, that man is about trying his best to win a game. (We won't get into that deal about practice.) T.O., I don't know. The way he's acting about this trade, I'm sure I don't want the Birds messing around with him now. Let him go to the Giants and start acting a fool when Sherri-- I mean Kerry-- Collins starts throwing to Shockey too much. He doesn't want to go to Baltimore because he knows that Big Ray is just waiting for him to cut up. Ain't gon' be no gettin' up in the quarterback's face when #52 is around. Not that the Eagles brass would listen to me anyway, but vote no on T.O.