TV Break

This is just about the only day of the year that I really miss having a television. My March Madness habit started in my senior year of high school, back in '92. I remember watching the USC game when Harold Minor, "Baby Jordan" hit some kind of ridiculous 3 pointer at the buzzer to win the game for USC. (Remember when everybody thought Minor was going to be this major player in the league? Minor and Weatherspoon? Baby Jordan and Baby Barkley respectively? Wow.) Right then, I was hooked. Even when I used to teach, I was aware of the NCAA tournament and I always made a good bracket even though I couldn't watch the games. (What always messed me up was picking the wrong way with Temple. Either I thought they would go farther than they did, or I didn't think they would go as far.) This year, I'm almost totally disconnected from it. I only have the vaguest notion of which dark horses I need to keep an eye on. Having said all that, you better know I came on campus to watch the Terps win. (even though I know I need to be studying for this mid-term.)