I'm working on part 2 of Fideles Quaerens Intellectum. That should probably be out by this weekend. I'm about to try some different time management strategies, so hopefully we'll see an increase in overall productivity. In the meanwhile, in looking at all the ruckus over Richard Clarke, I like Gregg Easterbrook's analysis the best. Basically, he says that all this partisan finger-pointing over 9-11 is foolish. I can't make myself believe for one minute that any American, Republican, Democrat, conservative, progressive, libertarian, Christian, atheist, whatever...any American would have known what was about to happen and done nothing to prevent it. Maybe I'm being naive, but I just refuse to believe that. The fact that 9-11 has become a political football with each party asserting that the other party should have known what was coming and prevented it saddens me a great deal. Heaven help us all.