I'm at the Borders in Philly and they have a display copy of the picture book, GOAT: A Tribute to Muhammad Ali.(The acronym stands for Greatest of All Time) That thing is absolutely fantastic. It's incredible. I either own or have read most of the books about Ali that are out there, so when I say there are a lot of photographs that I haven't seen, I'm serious. There's this crazy picture of him before his first fight against liston, where he's standing over the prone body of somebody in a bear costume. (Remember he called Liston the "Big Ugly Bear.") That book is amazing. So is its price. It goes for a cool three grand. To buy one at this store, you hafta drop 1500 as a holder's fee. For a while I thought that there was no way I would ever drop that much for a book about any person. On the other hand…if I had 3K to just toss around, just nothing better to do, I would buy it. Plus, the book is huge. One page is bigger than my laptop. Some of the shots are just amazing. If that joint was, like, 500, I would have a serious conflict.