Wild Stuff

In an attempt to understand perspectives other than my own, I'm looking at people who are making theological arguments for their pro-abortion and pro-homosexual positions. On one level, it's very hard to wrap my head around some of the leaps the authors make. Just about everything makes sense in a certain context, though, so to help me get at the underpinnings of their ideas, I am looking at a book that compares orthodox (not Orthodox as in Eastern, as in what we might otherwise call fundamentalist), liberal, and liberation theology. I haven't digested the information well enough to make anything out of it, but suffice it to say that a lot of it is very foreign to the principles and belief systems I was raised on. Still, I see a tiny, tiny sliver of truth running through the more liberal strands of theology. Tiny sliver. That said, when I read some of these articles, I am truly amazed at what passes for biblical influence. More on this soon.