Things I don't know

How do they pick celebrity analysts? Was Mike Jarvis ever that good? I mean, he made a little noise in the A-10 when he was at George Washington, but I don't remember them ever doing anything substantial in the tournament. To me, Mike Jarvis is as famous for looking like Uncle Phil as he is for winning lots of basketball games. Is it legitimate to talk about the shortage of Black coaches in the NBA when it's teams with majorities of Black players who give up on them? (Stephen A. Smith wrote about that a couple months ago.) Is there anything worse than looking at an otherwise pretty woman who is missing teeth? Is the NAACP ever going to do anything substantial again, or has their time passed? Why are cuss words bad? Why is 'feces' or 'defecate', better than 'shit?' At what point will Billy King decide that he's had enough of Allen Iverson and trade him? Will AI still be a Sixer in four months? Can Andy Reid keep Terrell Owens in control? Why do sportswriters keep using the phrase "off-field behavior" with T.O.? The only legitimate beefs people have ever had with him have been on-field behavior. Nobody's ever even insinuated that he's gotten into any trouble in his peronal life. No beating women, no drugs, no allegations of murder... T.O. may be a little exuberant, but he ain't no criminal. Why do newspaper columnists seem to write about things in waves, like they read each other and decide to write about what everybody else is writing about at the same time? Should John Thompson go back to Georgetown? If he did, would it make a difference? Can the Eagles finally get to the Super Bowl this year? Why didn't they go after Marcellus Wiley? Are they gonna get another running back? Will hip-hop ever be about anything substantial again?