This Week's Agenda

As I have mentioned previously, I have some mid-terms and some paper outlines and whatnot this week, so any writing will be kinda scarce. There's some racket I mean to talk about, though, so I will try to get around to it. With all this heavy-duty reading I have, then what I will probably wind up doing is just keeping it nice and light this week, then later this week and into next week, we'll get dead on the heavy funk, so to speak. But for now... The Terps seriously represented yesterday, didn't they? After the Eagles, I have quit emotionally investing in athetic teams with whom I have no actual input, but I was definitely relishing the fact that they beat Duke. However, I don't get the whole concept of rioting because a team won. Like on the radio news this morning, the announcer was like, "The Terps victory sparked a mattress-burning riot on Route 1..." That's a non-sequitur. Lemme get this right...the logic flow is, basketball team wins -->burn up a mattress. Can't buy it. Basketball team wins -->cheering, yelling, running around? Makes sense. Basketball team wins -->...some? Okay. Basketball team wins --> run up and down the street banging on pans w/a wooden spoon? I wouldn't do it, but whatever floats your boat. Basketball team wins -->riot? No. It doesn't make sense to riot after a game at all, but definitely not for the league championship. I mean that's nice but they could lose in the first round of the NCAAs. After the Final Four, it would still be stupid, but it would at least make sense in context. Riots should be saved for emergencies only. Having said that, if them fool Eagles mess around and win the Super Bowl next year and I change my mind about not wanting a television, whatever happens happens. Speaking of basketball, those fool Sixers are about to make me go back to being a Knicks fan. The Sick-sers are awful. AI...he's embarrasing me now. I can't even think of anything to say to defend him. He just refused to come off the bench? What? Is it me, or is Larry Brown's hair getting darker again? My bet is that the Sixers will trade AI to someplace like Utah and then he'll fool around and get the Jazz their first title. Maybe not Utah, but they're gonna trade him somewhere and for that first year, he's gonna love the place and they're gonna love him and it's title time. Personally, I'd like to see him up there with the K's. Then I would have no team loyalty issues. Get AI and Sheed. All the Philly problem kids together on the floor at one time. They would win the NBA championship, the heavyweight belt, the super-middle (That is, if AI really goes 165. Otherwise, let's call it middleweight, which is 160 lbs.), and the six-man tag team belt (don't think Starbury can't rumble.) All in the mecca of both basketball and boxing, Madison Square Garden! Memo to Billy King and Isaiah: make this happen!