Line of the Day

Line of the day: You got to see what I've seen/Look where I've looked/Touch what I've reached/to take what I took You got to go where I've gone/walk where I've walked/to get where I'm at/to speak what I talk -Beanie Sigel "The Truth." I was never the biggest Beanie Sigel fan, but I believe in keeping it real. "The Truth" is, well...the truth. Everything from the track on down is just sickening. I wish I had the jewel case here so I could see who produced it. For some reason, I'm thinking it was Kanye West. If that's true, then I can't front-- he's singlehandedly representing for the old school producers who actually dug in the crates for their samples. This joint is hot sizzle, like my man on the And1 Mix Tape always says.