The Eagles

The Eagles got Jevon Kearse. I'm not sure whether I'm impressed or not. There's a part of me that wants to get all hopeful and everything. Especially since the defensive line was in disarray almost all of last season. Getting all the injured players back and adding a good player to the mix seems like it could make a big difference in the defense's performance this season. At the same time, I've been burned far too many times to get all excited. Besides, even though the defense wasn't its usual dominating self, it generally worked. It's that doggone offense that's the trouble. To that end, I don't know if I want the Eagles to get Terrell Owens. I think I would prefer to see the Eagles get a more solid low-key receiver. Especially with Donovan being the main locker room presence. I don't think Donovan the type of personality that keeps everybody in check. He seems to be more about leading by example and by word sometimes. With a player like Owens, a team has to have somebody who leads by word as well as deed. Maybe I'm wrong and Donovan is in there checking people, but it'a a concern to me. Hopefully, Andy Reid has his eye on somebody none of us is even thinking about who can make a serious contribution. Stinkston and Trash...naw, that's not nice. Pinkston and Thrash, probably good 3rd receivers, just can't be the starters if the Eagles expect to make that final step in the improving NFC East.