Flag Wavers

Line of the day- "I got so much trouble on my mind/refuse to lose"- Chuck D Walking around through a neighborhood in Northern Virginia that I'm pretty familar with, I saw this car, an Infiniti with about 3 confederate bumper stickers. First of all, I don't think I've ever seen anybody put a bumper sticker on an Infiniti before, but again, what's with the confederacy? (note: I don't capitalize 'confederate' on purpose.) What's to celebrate? And I know there were some Blacks in the confederacy, just like there were some Black slaveholders. Like that makes it legitimate. Truthfully, that's one of the reasons that I can never go fully conservative. That flag is a deal breaker for me. No matter what else is going on, once I see that flag, there's nothing left to talk about. (Unless I'm trying to find out that the devil s up with the support of the confederacy.) And this is just me, bt honestly, when I see that emblem on a bumper sticker, or even worse, flying, it makes me nervous. Not so much because of what the flag originally represented, although I detest that, but I don't think people really realize that that thing had fallen into disuse until the Civil Rights movement. ('cept the klan. They used it fairly regularly.)Now, I'm not the type to start a ruckus, but if provoked, I will finish one. The confederate flag does not constitute provocation for me, but it does make me suspect that the flag flyer might start something. In cases like that, the extra weight of an Intratec 9 wouldn't be such a bother.