The Perfect Album

Cycling around the net, as I am wont to do, I found a very interesting question at the-breaks.com. Is there such a thing as a perfect album, and if there are, which one(s)? Now it's important to differentiate between a perfect album and a classic album. Nation of Millions is arguably the best hip-hop album ever, and it's unquestionably a classic, but is it perfect? No. "Show 'Em Wha'cha Got" gets on my nerves every time. It's more than made up for by the numbers 11, 12, and 14 on the CD (Night of the Living Baseheads, Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos, and the sublime Rebel Without a Pause) but it's enough to keep the album from being perfect. Same thing with De La Soul Is Dead. Up until "Millie Pulled a Pistol on Santa," it's all listen straight through. "Kicked Out the House" is not a strike. Most of the albums on my list will probably not be hip-hop albums. If I can come up with an absolutely perfect album at all. (Of course, greatest hits and compilations don't count.) I've tipped my hand on this one before, so I'll just come out and say that Songs in the Key of Life is a perfect double album: it's two perfect albums in one. Aside from that, I'll just keep my opinions to myself until I've had a chance to really think this one through. If any'a y'all have any candidates, I'd definitely like to see. One more freebie: Maxwell's Urban Hang Suite.