Kool-Aid Wars

Me and Butterscotch have a running debate over lime Kool-Aid. She swears that she never had Lemon-Lime, only Lime, but I've never heard of plain ol' lime. The only green Kool-Aid I've ever seen is L-L. So If any of y'all have ever seen or had Lime (no Lemon) Kool-Aid, please let me know. The only thing I can think of is that it was a regional thing. (Butterscotch lived in Texas, while I was in northern lllinois.) What got us into this whole discussion is that she said that green Kool-Aid is better than red Kool-Aid. I might be wrong about the existence of Lime, but she's outta her wig, talkin' about green Kool-Aid is better than either of the two main red Kool-Aids, Tropical Punch, or Cherry (with Tropical Punch being the best flavor of all -read down to the Kool-Aid epands section). (Speaking of the Kool-Aid Man, the only episode of The Family Guy I've ever seen had me literally rolling in the floor unable to breathe. They were in the court room and all the characters in the family were like, "Oh no!" then KAM came bustin' in talkin' about "OH YEAAHHH!" I thought I was gonna suffocate.)