Non-PC Quote of the Day

"...Flip Wilson said this, he said, ‘I reserve the right to be a nigger.’ And I absolutely do, at all times.” -Aaron McGruder If I didn't know better, I'd put that on my description line. Anyway, here's where you can find the article in which the above quote is contained. I got hipped to it first at Negrophile. But really, though, that's why I looove The Boondocks. I don't agree with all McGruder's politics, but then again I don't agree with all of anybody's politics. If I don't agree with my mama all the time, the rest of y'all can forget it. Anyway, in The Boondocks, there's gonna be some left-leaning humor, but then I can count on there being some critique of popular culture, usually Black within a couple days. The Boondocks was the first place I heard about R. Kelly and the NAACP. Long before any columnist had even thought about writing, McGruder had already done his impaling. I remember the first series I read, back in 2000, he was clowining Bush as a candidate. In the last panel, Huey was like, "Bush couldn't lead O.J. to a white woman." All politics aside, that's funny. You can change the name and it's still funny.