Really, doe...I'ma get it done

I had all these grand plans for what all I was gonna write last weekend, and what happened? Nothin'. First of all, on that Fideles Quaerens Intellectum II post, I lost the main book I was gonna be critiquing. I don't think I left it in Philly, but I'm hoping it's there and not somewhere travelling on the Washington-Boston axis on Amtrak. Anyway, I did manage to sneak a picture of myself up there,although it was more work than it should've been. At this point, I'm just trying to make up some excuse to put a picture of my old lady on here. I need to just sneak and do it, though, or else it'll be 10 years before I come up with a picture that she thinks is suitable. She's just bein' modest, though. Speaking of my better half (or better 3/4, if I'm keepin it real), I got the song "Better Half" by Maceo and All The King's Men. I've said before how much I like finding a bargain, and this is just the type I like. I wanted the song because it's got a sample use I like, but then I found out that it's the source for another sample that I've liked for a very long time. Then, samples aside, the song is just wicked. No matter what name they recorded under, whether Maceo & the Macks (that's hot!), The Last Word, Maceo & ATKM, Fred Wesley & the JB's, or just the JB's, James Brown had the baddest band(s) in the land. At some point, I'll smash through the 2nd era, which saw the first permutation of a recording band called the JB's. There's an article at Blackelectorate.com called Americanity that I plan on writing about soon. The basic premise is one that I've believed since I was about 14: there's a weird amalgation of American history and the Bible that has some people thinking that the prophesies in the Bible are actually talking about us. Moreover, I think there's an unstated opinion that God is American. That is, nobody would actually say it if you asked them, but to listen to them talk about God, what He likes and dislikes, his concerns would be very similar to that of an American. But like I said, I'm on the top rope right now. In a minute, I'm gonna come swooping down from the sky and nail this one with the atomic elbow. Also, looks like the Sixers are pretty much mathematically eliminated from the 'offs. All I can say is...well there's a lot I can say. I would start with AI, but I won't. We'll start with how jacked up their salary structure is vis a vis the collection of stiffs they have. The NYK's have the highest payroll in the league, but at least they have a few people who are, or have been within the life of the contract, ballers, even if their play was never quite commensurate with their pay. The Sixers? They couldn't even be Maceo and the Macks. AI and the Ain'ts.