One Thing I Just Don't Get

Living down here in the DC area, with Virginia being so close and all, I hear a lot more about the Civil War than I used to. One local paper even has a weekly column devoted to it. My question is, why? What's there to be gained? Wouldn't McWhorter call that victimology too? What brings this to mind is that courtesy of Black Electorate, I have seen the twin brother of that white "Black" dude I saw on the bus a couple weeks ago. Peep this. Unbelievable. I thought I had seen everything, but now...I'm one step closer. Seriously, though, I'm the main one talking about historical accuracy, so I'd be the first one to say the elements in the Civil War don't break down quite as simply as we've been taught. That goes both ways. Still, seeing a Black man carrying the Confederate flag...boyyy some things you just can't prepare for. Speaking of history, here's a quick history test...just to see what you know about.