... & Whatnot

At the end of the semester, when it starts getting hectic (well really, it started getting hectic a few weeks ago), I like to think back and remember the good ole days. -Like that time my roomate, Clark, and I played Coach K basketball on the Genesis until about 5:30 or 6 in the morning. If I remember correctly, we had about 4 games in a row that went down to the last shot. Then, when we finally turned the game off, En Vogue's "Giving Him Something He Can Feel" came on. Now that's good television! But it got even better. The next channel we flipped to showed a dude we knew getting arrested in a drug bust. The fact that the dude got arrested was not what made it good television, it was just that we knew him. I don't think it would be as exciting now, but on that specific day, at that time, having been up all night and just played at least 5 hours of video games, it was surreal. Especially since we lived in a fairly distant suburb. Dude must have been moving some weight for his bust to get television coverage in Chicago. But that was a good TV day. Speaking of tremendous videos, when Janet's "Love Will Never Do Without You" came out, I think I was getting carpet fibers off my tongue for about a week. I remember there was a lot of discussion about what was real and what was bionic, but I was in 9th grade. Think I cared? On "Control" I thought Janet was cute, but on "Love Will Never Do," man, I was...I can't even remember. I just remember she bounced onto the screen then all the blood rushed from my head and that was it. Other Videos I Remember Fondly - The Humpty Dance - Who You Wit' II - Fight The Power (The look on Chuck D's face when the police came by was priceless.) For all my boys who think Jay-Z is not the truth, I have this freestyle with him and Big L from 1995. Man, Jigga is nice. Stop frontin'. And I still like "Takeover" better than "Ether." That doesn't mean I think Ether is wack, but Takeover definitely has a better track. Most people I know seem to think that Ether was better, but the Takeoer v. Ether comparison is what made me finally admit that I liked Hov in the first place. Before that, I wouldn't admit that I liked any of his songs. (Even though the video for Who You Wit' always cracked me up.)